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Vincent Lee Hong Fay
Chief Executive Officer

Founder and CEO of Wavelet Group.  A coach in Cradle CGP program mentoring startups to to scale up.
M Phil in Signal Processing from the University of Cambridge, UK. Prior to starting Wavelet Solutions Sdn Bhd, Vincent was a management trainee and associate in DBS Bank Singapore (Internet Banking division, Treasury and Markets, Public Relations).
Vincent has lead teams of software engineers to successfully develop, implement various systems for companies like BMW, Samsung, BP Healthcare, Digi Communications, ALL IT Hypermarket, Thunder Match, FAMA, Bata, Machines etc.  Vincent's primary role currently is to architect the next generation cloud native systems for enterprises using serverless platforms.

Chengzhong Xu 
Professor, Expert Consultant

Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology Research Institute Fellow, Full Professor of Computer Science and Engineering, director of the cloud computing research centre at Wayne State University in the United States, cloud computing and the Internet lab director.

Professor c.z. xu ‘s major research fields including parallel and distributed systems, the Internet and cloud computing, high-performance computing, mobile embedded system. In parallel computing, he put forward a set of "dimension exchange" influenza load balancing algorithm, which made a profound influence. This method is a very good solution to the system resources management in a long-term pending load balanced consideration data short-duration problems and provides a flexible means of compromise between global optimization and overhead.

Professor c.z. xu who is now editor of parallel and distributed computation field with five famous international academic journals, and actively participated in the field of more than 60 international academic organization of the conference and review of the work of the commission, and as the chairman of more than ten international conference speech or makes a subject.

Choong Weng Kong

Choong chairs the VEE Group which consists of 14 members and the turnover of about RM130 million. He has been a CEO managing businesses for the past profound 25 years in various sectors such as manufacturing, logistic services, commodities trading, trading import and export. Aforetime, he was attached to government sector in plantation industry and to the commercial sector in agrichemicals industry. Mr Choong is currently active in involving with consulting, advising and coaching in areas on the changes in organization, capability and capacity alignments in business concerns for growth. He is experienced in using different practical management tools to assist the CEOs and their team especially the SMEs to map out their strategies for facing future challenges. He will bring with him the experiences of entrepreneurship and as a practitioner in the management of a business. Mr Choong holds an MBA from the University of Cranfield, UK. He is active in participation in various church’s activities, social concerned projects, and outdoor adventures. He is married with three children.

Ju Xiang Chun (Jessie) 
Vice President - Business Development

Jessie pursued her Master Degree of Physical-Electronics Technology in the Harbin Institute of Technology (abbreviation: HIT) which known as one of the Top 10 elite university that undertakes research and numerous space-science and defence-related technologies projects. She wrote her dissertation on the research of Interferometer Based on Slow-Light Mechanism. 
Apart from the HIT, her career path begun with Solution Manager in Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd in China. Jessie continued her pathway in NIC LAB Co. Ltd, Korea upon five years serving in Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. Now, She has been appointed as Vice President of Business Development to achieve and further to improve the company's vision and mission.