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Without limits (Digital News Asia)

posted Jun 19, 2016, 5:39 PM by Vincent Lee   [ updated Jun 19, 2016, 5:39 PM ]

By Renuka Sena | Apr 25, 2016
  • Wavelet Solutions building ERP to stay relevant over next 30 years
  • CGP coaching opens eyes to value of developing own people

To download full article in pdf, please click on the link below:

Malaysia SME Magazine Reporting

posted May 28, 2015, 10:44 AM by Vincent Lee   [ updated Jul 8, 2015, 7:40 PM by Unknown user ]

2nd - 15th May 2015 

Wavelet Solutions Sdn Bhd has featured in The Malaysian SME Magazine revolving the strives and hurdles endured to establish our market offerings, gradually to grow along the phase of rapid technology rush. 

Mere synonym, "escaping the bumpy horse carts of carnival life" eventually relates to the development and booming of Wavelet Soultions - by Mr Vincent Lee (Founder cum CEO of Wavelet Group of Companies) 

SME Magazine reporting on Vincent Lee

The NST Article

posted May 17, 2015, 7:10 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Jul 8, 2015, 7:07 PM ]

29th April 2015

The HELP University's ELM Business School has profoundly practiced several competent frameworks that coaches one to be diligent leader and so forth. 

Proudly, being an alumni of the above stated ELM Business School, the founder and CEO of Wavelet Group of Companies speaks about the influence obtained via participation in ELM Business University. 

29th March 2015 - NST Article - Wavelet Solutions

Maxis Go To Market with Wavelet

posted Mar 31, 2015, 1:47 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Mar 31, 2015, 4:35 AM by Vincent Lee ]

3rd April 2012

Maxis has selected Wavelet Solutions Sdn Bhd as a goto market partner. See press release here.


posted Mar 26, 2015, 3:33 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Apr 2, 2015, 2:54 AM ]

1st October 2014

The Goods and Service Tax (GST) Expo & Conference is a 3 day event being held from 1st October to the 3rd October 2014 at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This event showcases products like latest GST related product innovations and many more related technological services. This event offered both a great showcase for GST solution’s providers, as well as an excellent meeting platform for professionals.

In conjunction of Wavelet & Microsoft collaboration,  Wavelet take a seat in this expo as software vendor offering enterprise solutions that can run on Microsoft Azure Cloud instance.

Check out our photos : Wavelet Facebook page

The Star online article

posted Mar 26, 2015, 3:31 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Mar 31, 2015, 2:29 AM by Vincent Lee ]

11th Feb 2014

Wavelet Solutions , being part of Malaysia Information & Communication Technology community was featured in The Star Online in the collaboration program of Multimedia Development Corporation or MDeC together with Red FM and Capital FM.

Please click here to read the article.

Wavelet EMP Training Program

posted Oct 19, 2009, 10:41 PM by Vincent Lee   [ updated Mar 31, 2015, 2:29 AM ]

7th & 8th May 2014 

WMS1001 Wavelet EMP training today having 14 different companies which is also from different industries. Join us @ our next training(refer for upcoming training dates) or call us @ 1700-817-538 for further enquiries.

 Wavelet EMP training on 7&8 May, 2014

Wavelet Software Training Program in Johor

posted Oct 19, 2009, 9:47 PM by Vincent Lee   [ updated Mar 31, 2015, 2:29 AM ]

17th April 2014

Wavelet Solutions Sdn Bhd  has conducted training workshop about EMP system module. We are pleased to say thank you to each of you who have attended this training workshop and thanks to our participants, customer and partners.We appreciate you for taking the time and effort to be here.

Our objective for this training workshop was to enhance awareness and understanding of EMP system, which is included customer module, supplier module and financial module etc.  On 17th April, our first centralized training was successfully done.

Red FM Interview

posted Oct 19, 2009, 9:46 PM by Vincent Lee   [ updated Mar 31, 2015, 2:29 AM ]

12th March 2014

Wavelet was interviewed by Red FM. Special thanks to MDec.

Red FM Intro
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 Red FM Interview Part 1
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 Red FM Interview Part 2
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 Red FM Interview Part 3
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 Red FM Interview Part 4
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 Red FM Interview Part 5
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Fireflyz Magazine Interview

posted Oct 19, 2009, 9:44 PM by Vincent Lee   [ updated Mar 31, 2015, 2:29 AM ]

Fireflyz Magazine Jan 2014 : Real Life Story for an Enterpreneur

January, 2014. Vincent Lee had an interview with FireFlyz about his success and globetrotting experiences.

From Start-up the Wavelet Solution, challenges that he faced and until his future plan.

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