Wavelet Management Suite

Screen Capture of Wavelet EMP - Create Invoice Screen

Wavelet MS is the financial application that supports all back-office and business processes across the entire company. Wavelet MS' services include financial accounting, financial management, supply chains, inventory management, order management, shipping and fulfillment, employee management, customer loyalty programmes, point of sales, warranty, logistics, business intelligence, e-commerce and more.

1) Reduce Your Total Cost of Ownership

Businesses running on Wavelet MS report more than 50% cost savings as compared to running their old on-premise systems. Wavelet MS eliminates costly upgrades, expensive infrastructure and onerous maintenance.

2) Optimize Cash flow and Inventory

With your front and back office processes integrated on a real time basis, processes from order to delivery and subsequently collection will be accelerated. Wavelet MS will help you to save costs, improve speed and optimize inventory holding.

3) Eliminate the need for Data Synchronization

Many businesses suffer due to problems with having the latest data synchronized correctly while some face challenges of latency. Wavelet MS eliminates this worry by using a customised online server for the web-based software devoted to the specific branches/chain stores, as well as allowing data to be stored on premise then synced once online in the case of a poor network.

4) A Real-Time, Comprehensive View of Your Business

With our matrix-reporting format, you get a complete summary and detailed view of finance, sales, inventory, orders and other vital statistics at your fingertips.

5) Supports Your Distributed Organization

With Wavelet MS, secure browser-based access is constantly available anytime and anywhere, so your employees can work the way they want to, using any PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone or Android.

6) Multi-company, multi-branch in a single database

Multi branch single databases are available to enable cross-company business processes in a breeze, consolidated accounts receivable for optimal credit exposure, and cost allocation to the branches for better analysis.

7) Cloud Based Software as a Service (SAAS)

Wavelet MS runs on MAXIS Cloud for better scalability, reliability and stability. Businesses boost cost efficiency with our licensing model base on the number of branches and the cloud server specifications (unlimited user licenses). There is no upfront CAPEX; you get to enjoy computing on demand and you can get things up and running faster.

8) GST Ready

Our system has been tested and certified by Royal Customs Malaysia, and graded A (Advanced) during the certification process.  Investing in a non-compliant software that does not provide the advanced features and functions, like mixed supplies, input tax recoverable ratio, annual adjustment, TX-RE tax codes etc, will never be a worry of yours.

With over 25,000 users as of 2017 in Malaysia, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Brunei and Vietnam, Wavelet MS has gained significant recognition over the last 14 years. With Wavelet MS, some of our customers have grown tenfold within a couple of years, while others have established branches in overseas market.

Some of our customers :

Samsung, Malaysia's biggest IT Hypermarket, large shoe retail companies, automotive workshops with about 20 branches, the most successful e-commerce florist in Malaysia, the biggest camera chain stores in Malaysia, the biggest self inking rubber stamp manufacturer in Malaysia as well as pharmaceutical products distributors and retailers in Singapore.

What our users like about us:

  • Extremely convenient to use anytime, anywhere, hassle free.
  • Comprehensive drill down function in all reports and comprehensive audit trails.
  • Eliminates duplicate data entries and minimizes human error.
  • Control of multiple company and branches in one single console.
  • Flexible pricing schemes for different clients by quantity of products, branches, date range, product category, customer/supplier account etc.
  • Effective use of warnings and alerts to avoid mistakes.
  • Plug-ins that automatically send SMS or email various reports on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
  • Comprehensive serial number functions
  • RMA / Warranty Module
  • Cost adjustments 


Apps and Software Customization

MYGST Calculator

This stand alone GST Calculator is specially designed for companies that have multiple software systems. The existing ERP system may not meet their requirements. This MYGST Calculator is able to pull or receive information from various other systems, to compute the GST as well as generate the GAF file.
MYGST Calculator
GST Audit File (GAF) to GST-03 Converter

The GAF2GST03 converter could merge multiple GAF files into one. It can also calculate the GST-03 values based on GAF file. This module is extremely useful for company that need an independent third party apps to verify the accuracy of their GAF files.

Sales Order App

We have developed and customized certain mobile apps for our clients. The mobile app below allow salesman to record sales order in the field with their mobile device without internet connection.
Jimmy POS

We have customized a Point of Sales using Microsoft dotNet technology. This offline Point of Sales could sync back the data to the HQ server when there is internet connection. Users could download the data into a thumb drive and upload it to the server as well.

Web and Offline Point of Sales


Wavelet develop and integrates with various e-commerce applications. Check out our e-commerce at Blooming Florist

Blooming Floris E-Commerce